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Dear Members, At the 45th Annual General Meeting of the St Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (SPCCU), which was held on 28th April 2016, members made a decision via the new Bylaws to stipulate the minimum permanent shares required for membership at 20 shares, at $5 each, a total of EC$100.00.

New members, 17 years or older are now required to open their account with 20 permanent shares, at a total of E.C. $100.00. Current members with less than 20 shares will be required to increase their share holding to 20 permanent shares of EC$100 by June 30th, 2022.

Accounts that do not have the required minimum permanent shares, will have the amount automatically transferred from one of your saving accounts as of the end of June 30th, 2022. Accounts that do not have the required number of shares after this date will become inactive. If you already have $100.00 or more in Permanent Shares, you do not need to take any action.

Permanent Shares help to strengthen your credit union. Eventually, once the SPCCU is adequately capitalized as per the Co-operatives Societies Act and Regulations, members will get returns on their permanent shares in the form of dividends.

We look forward to your co-operation. St Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. Our Credit Union belongs to us!

The General Manager

St. Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union

Brades, Montserrat